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slim weight patch

Slim Weight Patch Review

A new weight loss method has been introduced in the market by the name of Slim Weight Patch that ignores the long-established way and comes in the form of patches that you can stick onto the fatty area of your body for desired results.

What is Slim Weight Patch?

The product is claimed to be effective for hunger suppression, increasing metabolism, burning fat, and losing unwanted weight all day long for 24 hours and 7 days a week. It is so easy to use; just attach the patch against your skin and let it work by getting immersed into your bloodstream.

Amazed? Then keep on reading this review to know more about how it actually works.

How Does Slim Weight Patch Work?

Slim Weight Patch includes such ingredients that, after the patch is attached on any of your body area, start to get soaked up into your bloodstream through your skin.

The key ingredients that the product has are:

  • Fucus Vesiculosus:

Fucus Vesiculosus is a natural herb that has been used for ages when it comes to weigh reduction.

  • 5-HTP:

5-HTP is effective for serotonin that is a composite in blood platelets and serum and tightens the blood vessels and acts as a neurotransmitter. In this manner it augments the weight loss process.

  • Guarana:

This ingredient is vastly used in energy drinks, that helps keeping one focused and alert and active all day devoid of any caffeine caused headaches. Best Diet Pills For Women

  • Yerba Mate:

It is a shrub that is cultivated in South America and helps boosting up energy levels.

  • Fat Burning RX Blend:

This RX Blend contains a lot of approved fat reducing ingredients within such as Zinc, Flaxseed Oil, Pyruvate, Zinc Citrate, L-Carnitine and Lecithin.

Whenever you put a patch onto your skin, all of these ingredients get absorbed into your bloodstream and work against fat for 24 hours. To shore up your fat burn and weight loss targets. you need to replace the patch every 24 hours.

Slim Weight Patch is acclaimed to be the most effective formula to supply nutrients to the body. The manufacturers praise this product by saying the following:

 “Unlike with tablets and capsules, up to 95% of the ingredients are absorbed. The problem with tablets and capsules is the fact that due to various differences in our digestive systems, along with how digestion works, you may only be absorbing a small fraction of the nutrients in them.”

Scientific Evidence for Slim Weight Patch

slim weight patch results

The manufacturers claim Slim Weight Patch to be supported by science. They regard the product as “scientifically researched and proven weight loss system”.

However, the official website of the product does not contain any scientific evidences or clinical studies backing the Slim Weight Patch. So it is really hard to say anything about its authenticity and genuineness.

The things get more intricate when we find no details on how much of each ingredient is used and included in the Slim Weight Patch. What amount of Yerba Mate and other ingredients gets entered into your body by apply this patch? There is no information about it by the producers of Slim Weight Patch. This is of course something not so cool for those who are so conscious about knowing what exactly they are heading towards.

How to Buy Slim Weight Patch

  • One Pack of 30 Patches costs $53.95 + $5.95 of Delivery
  • 4 Packs of 120 Patches cost $141.96 plus FREE Delivery
  • 6 Packs of 180 Patches cost $193.98 plus FREE Delivery

The site processes all orders and offers different payment methods i.e. VISA, MasterCard, & PayPal.

The product comes with a 4 weeks of fulfillment guarantee. You can get the product regardless of your location that means from any part of the world, however, if you are outside America then you will need to pay an extra shipping amount of $10 to $15. If you are within United States, the shipment can approximately take two to five days to reach you.

Who Makes Slim Weight Patch?

The company that the product is manufactured by is called Slim Weight Patch and is located at the Miami address below (as mentioned on their site):

201 South Biscayne Blvd Suite 2800

Miami FL 33131

They can be reached over phone at 1-888-244-5798

Should You Use Slim Weight Patch?

Opposing the manufacturers’ claim, we do not find any scientific study or evidence in support of Slim Weight Patch on its official site. The producers have not given any clear and detailed information on how the product is expected to work. They just share name of the ingredients and say they get absorbed as you out the patch onto your body.

If the information mentioned above does not suffice your inquisitiveness then this may not be the one you need.

Nevertheless, if you desire to get your body the right nutrients 24 hours a day then Slim Weight Patch might be a good option for you (even with no scientific or clinical confirmation).



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